New Style

Stelona Shoes creates the opportunity to express personal style no matter the season or occasion. Quickly changing from the dress shoes to casual sandals. After their initial pair, our customers will be able to change styles with just an upper, representing significant savings. 

Same Shoe

Stelona designs the best travel shoes for women with dependable comfort for standing all day. Since the base will be reused with each design, our customers will not have to worry about the pain of breaking in new pairs of shoes. Packing is no longer a hassle, and your closet is no longer has to be cluttered.

Better You

83% of women feel more confident when they have a pair of shoes that they love. Stelona Shoes can make women’s life easier through convenience, and more enjoyable because of the confidence boost given to them through our interchangeable shoes. 

Empower Women

At Stelona, our purpose is to provide convenience for women to make their life easier, and more enjoyable. This allows women to focus on what they need to, and feel good while doing it. Comfortable leads to confidence, and a confident women is an empowered women. From any background, in any position, we want to unite women starting with the comfort of our shoe.

Ethical Fashion

Stelona values sustainable materials, fair wages, and minimal waste. Our minimalist shoe is designed in Alabama. We support local artist by partnering with them for fashion forward collaborations. Stelona also donates 5% of profits to a local charity that has an impact on women. 

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