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How long has Stelona been a company?

Stelona Shoes, LLC since September 2020.

Where is Stelona Headquartered?

Stelona's office is headquartered in Auburn, AL.

Are you looking to add to the team?

We are always open to applications to build our team. If interested, please email info@stelonashoes with your resume and a little bit about yourself.

Where did the name "Stelona" come from?

Stelona is designed to be every style shoe wished for. The concept of wishing on a star led us to the dutch word of "star" which is "ster." Constellations are the way stars are grouped to make a certian design. In the same way, our uppers are grouped together in different ways to make different styles. Combining "Ster" and "constellation", we came up with Stelona.


Can I buy a shoe today?

We are in the prototyping phase of development, so unfortunately our product is not completely ready. However, you do not want to miss out when we are ready to launch! Sign up for emails to stay updated.

How are Stelona Shoes interchangeable?

The engineering of the interchangeable function is patent pending and in testing. It is not indicated on this site for protection of privacy during this development time. For any further questions about this, please email