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Our Made To Order shoes create the opportunity to design a shoe that not only highlights your personal style, but properly supports your foot through the customization of adding arch support or extra heel padding. 

The design of the shoe is engineered and tested for ultimate comfort. All materials are sourced from US suppliers.


Orders ship from our headquarters in Birmingham, AL. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.  You will be notified when your shoes are shipped 3-4 weeks after design consultation. 


Made To Order Stelona shoes are not eligible for returns or exchanges. 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or have any questions, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] with the subject line CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are here to help!

After a completed pre-order transaction, an email will be sent with a size guide coordinating with the size ordered. There will be directions in the email on how to print the guide and align your foot. We have sizes 6-10 in whole sizes. If you are usually a half size, choose the size down. The size guide packet will include the size above and below so that you can find your correct Stelona size. 

Your Stelona size will be finalized during the design consultation. For any questions, please email [email protected] with the subject line SIZING.

How It Works

Made To Order Pre-Order

Our pre-order will include a design consultation allowing you to choose your style, material and insole details to create your perfect Stelona style.

What's your Stelona Size?

Your size can vary based on the shoe type, style, and designer. That is why we have created a simple process to find your Stelona Size.

Want more color options?

No problem. That is what the Made To Order line is here for – the opportunity to design your own shoe! With the variety of options we have available, we do not produce every material/color with each design for product pictures due to our sustainable processes in place. However, in the design consultation you will go over the materials and colors to finalize your Stelona Style for the pre-order.