Established in 1993, the Garment District serves as one of the most iconic spots in the heart of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. They not only have iconic and inspiring artwork on display for everyone to see, but they thrive on keeping the fashion district alive as well as collaborating with up and coming artists to display their art to align with the ones who arrived before them.


While walking through the the Garment District, there are multitudes of hotels and lofts lining the streets. However, if you were walking these streets years ago, you would be looking at factories and prolific clothing production facilities. In these factories were Jewish immigrants that lived and worked in tenants that doubled as the factories. By the end of World War 1, the Garment District was one of the largest manufacturing centers in the country. Celebrating the arrival of Spring, the Information Kiosk was transformed into an eye catching, enormous, floral, pincushion. Patricia Gonzalez and Carlos Franqui used a multitude of curly willow, wisteria bales, hydrangeas, poppies, greenery, and butterflies. The garment worker directly next to the pincushion serves as a tribute to the history of the district as the Garment District as well as the fashion district. The idea behind the man sewing with a vibrant pincushion next to him reflects how the Garment District has begun blooming once again, and how various artists will soon be returning to display their craft.


The Garment District is getting a makeover! The plans and ideas that the Garment District had exceeds all expectations. One of the proposals that was introduced was the Pedestrian Burial Mural. This consists of artists submitting their work and potentially being recognized on the temporary street mural on pedestrian walkway barriers on 7th Avenue for an exceptional amount of awareness. This opportunity gives artists the chance to be appreciated by the art and fashion community.


Stelona’s favorite part about the Garment District is that is the home to our manufacturer for prototype development! Modern Vice is one of the most reputable shoe manufacturer’s in New York. They pride themselves on hard work, efficient production, and high quality shoes.

Jordan Adoni is one of the key members in this process. He is the co-founder of Modern Vice, and is very passionate about his work. He believes his factory is unique compared to competitors because his team works as a family, and constantly celebrates each other’s achievements. As for designers who want to manufacture in the USA rather than overseas, Jordan encourages them to take the chance and jump right into it with more exotic shapes and patterns. This gives the shoes a more edgy look, but still keeping it classic. All in all, the Modern Vice family exudes creativity and boldness for anyone who knows them.

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