Where does Stelona start when designing a new line? The runway! Sometimes runway fashion can be confusing for those who are not in the fashion industry. It is either too out there for common everyday fashion, or catered to a specific style. Colors, patterns, and silhouettes are the primary things most people notice when looking at runway fashion. Being a shoe brand, we take into account the entire outfit - especially the style of shoes.

Why the runway? That is where all the trends derive from. WGSN is the fashion forecast site of the world. Their experts forecast colors, patterns, and silhouettes for upcoming seasons. The designers design with these in mind and produce lines while staying true to their aesthetic and brand message. From there, brands you see in boutiques get their inspiration from what the designers put out on the runway. When boutiques go to market to buy for the next season, a majority of vendor brands have “dupes'' of runway fashion.That is how your everyday boutique fashion ends up looking so similar. They have all been influenced by the same runway trends.You know the shoulder pad T and tennis skirt current fashion trends? It is no coincidence that Chanel had these details in her Spring 2021 collection.

To get to the top, you have to look to those who are already there.When designing shoes, our design team looks at trending silhouettes to figure out the direction of what style shoes we need for the next season. Shoes can make or break an outfit, so we have to know how to compliment the looks our customers will have in their closet! These are all Spring 2021 Ready-to-wear lines from Vogue Runway.


Chanel’s shows never disappoint. This designer leads the fashion industry with iconic materials, colors, and silhouettes year after year. Chanel is notorious for putting a feminine flair to masculine details, like a button down for example. With these striking silhouettes accompanied by defining details, the shoe style remains minimal. Overall, the shoes are not the statements of these looks and that is okay. While designing, we consider these styling trends to provide styles that best compliment what apparel will be paired with them.


Alice and Olivia are known for lively colors, bold patterns, and striking displays of their newest collection. (You should view the whole collection. The pictures above don't do it justice.) I admire how they appeal to all types of consumers; from edgy to classic, and still remain true to their brand identity.

According to their Spring 2021 collection, current trends include: boxy silhouettes, solid colors, and bottoms that end above the ankle. If Stelona were to launch a line Spring 2021, you would see shoe styles that go around the ankle. The ankle length hem gives the perfect opportunity to highlight the shoes.


Carolina Herrera remained classic with an oxford style and Mary Jane style flat. Her silhouettes are prominent; advocating a strong, fierce, confident woman. Pairing her looks back to shoes that are classics completes the look. Her message is clear in the clothing, so there is no reason for a statement shoe. However, using a masculine oxford style shoe for a delicate, feminine detailed powder blue blouse reiterates the trend that we saw in the Chanel line with mixing masculinity and femininity.


Christian Siriano is one of my all-time favorite designers. He is more of a formal wear designer known for dressing many iconic red carpet looks. His looks are always powerful, and the clothes speak for themselves. Current events have influenced the message that he has Spring 2021 portrays. The silhouettes are striking with solid colors, also seen in Alice + Olivia, and Herrera.

The T-strap from Chanel and Mary Jane style from Carolina were the top styles used in this line. Remember at the beginning when I mentioned designers have similar details with their own spin? This is a great example of that.


If an Isabel Marant design walked into the room, you would know it! This is a trend setting, all eyes on me, kind of line. With the vibrant colors and bold prints, I believe Marant was speaking optimism for a brighter future after all that 2020 brought. In this line, there were lots of metallics and embellishments, especially in the shoes.

A 2021 styling trend is to combine opposite aesthetics to portray the message that a woman can do it all. This was also seen in Herrera’s line. Likewise, Marant styles a flirty dress with a western style boot.


Let's break it down.

These are some of the common trends between these designers:

- Boxy shoulders

- Ankle hem length

- Structured silhouettes

- Solid colors

- Contrast aesthetics for styling

- If there is a print, it is large scale and bold

Now that you have a better understanding of where trends derive from, keep an eye out the next time you go shopping! Remember that these are not the only trends. Every designer has their own twist. That is what creates the diversity in fashion. These designers are my personal aesthetic. People whose styles are heavily influenced by the 90's, minimalistic, or grunge will not always go hand in hand with the trends from these designers. However, it is all forecasted from WGSN; meaning colors, boxy silhouettes, and hem lines will be seen amongst all aesthetics.


Looks like footwear trends for Spring 2021 are sticking to the classics, simple is more, and if there is a statement to be made, it should be in the textile not the design. In 2021, there is a lot to say reflecting on the year we just had. Designers are taking this into consideration through expressions with empowering silhouettes and merging opposite aesthetics into one look. Shoes make or break an outfit, and in this upcoming season, we need to complement not compete with the trends. A quote I once read resonates with the future of fashion and what Stelona’s design process ties back to.

“The current trend for a fashionable millennial is individuality”

With trends constantly evolving, our shoes can keep up with what is next. Women don’t have to pile up the shoe collection just to keep up with the up and coming. The efficiency in our innovative approach to the shoe industry allows women to create a style that best expresses them. After all, the current trend is your individuality - highlight you.

Hold on to your basics, add your favorite seasonal new trends, and keep the comfort of the same broken in base. What more could you ask for? A clean closet and not breaking the budget? Stelona Shoes have you covered with all of that.

New style. Same shoe. Better you.


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